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Sincere thanks to everyone who shopped with me over the holidays! I had record sales this season, thank you so VERY much!!! Unfortunately, that means the shopping cart is disabled as I frantically make more for the Valentine's show at the Kennesaw Town Center Costco in Georgia. You may have to track me down there to see my new goodies, but I'll share what I can. Again, thanks to everyone for every single sale. I hope you all had a lovely end to 2018 and a promising start to 2019!

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Creations by Avalon is a company solely owned and operated by Holly Merton.  She both designs and creates everything you see!  Some of Holly's earliest memories are raiding the house for bits and bobbles that could be strung and knotted together for jewelry.   She began professionally making and selling her jewelry when she was 16.  The need to create is innate, whether through jewelry, gardening, drawing, singing or writing.  The name "Creations by Avalon" is an ode to her professional origins.  For 8 1/2 years she worked at and managed a bead store by the name of Gifts of Avalon in her home town of Gainesville, FL.  It was during these years that she was exposed to a multitude of different techniques, styles and connections that paved the way for a career doing what she loves.  Holly is married with two fur babies (the kind that meow) and also the caretaker of numerous gardens.  Her love for creation extends into the soil as much as it does into her jewelry.

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Fall is Here... And the shopping cart is gone! - September 20, 2018

Ahhhh, the weather is cooling, the leaves are turning, the days grow shorter and I start living in hotels a lot more. The Fall show season is here! When I am on the road, I have to disable the shopping cart. There will be a few times between now and the New Year when I will try to have it activated again, but it's hit and miss. You can still browse the image galleries and write me at with any questions. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you so much for your interest in my work. Have a lovely FALL!!!!

STORE IS OPEN AGAIN! - August 15, 2018

This summer has been a time of immense creativity and exploration! It's been exciting to work on new techniques and design some fresh inspired lines. I am finally ready to start sharing these creations! I have JUST re-opened the store section of the site. There will be more new items posted throughout the coming weeks as I stock up and prepare for the Fall season! BE WARNED: The shopping cart will close again when I'm back on the road, but you still have another month or so to do some shopping. Hope you have all had a lovely summer so far!